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Automate your bathroom fan

Keep your bathroom mold free and comfortable

AutoVent provides Automatic humidity removal and timed venting


AutoVent can automate your bathroom fan by providing automatic humidity monitoring and reduction, as well as timed venting for removing odors. This easy to install, no worry product helps simplify your life.


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Once the AutoVent is installed, you simply leave the fan switch turned on and AutoVent will start monitoring your bathroom. When elevated humidity levels are detected, AutoVent will turn the fan on until the humidity levels drop to an acceptable level.

AutoVent automatically removes humidity from the shower

If you need to vent odors, simply toggle the fan switch off and then on again. AutoVent will turn the fan on for a set amount of time (default is 10 minutes, but can be changed with the set switches on the top) and then return to its humidity monitoring duties.


Why AutoVent?

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No need to remember to turn on or shutoff the fan

With AutoVent you no longer need to remember to turn the bathroom fan on when you shower, or off again when you are done. AutoVent will automatically turn on and vent until the humidity levels are returned to normal.

Built in timer for odors

Autovent can also be used to air out the bathroom after a serious toilet escapade by acting as a timer for the fan to stay on. So you can drop and jet without having to worry about the smells you might leave behind for others.


Peace of mind

Knowing that AutoVent is in your bathroom keeping moisture at bay keeps one more worry off your mind. With all that we have in our lives today, this is a welcome relief to have one less thing to keep track of to ensure your home stays clean and healthy.

Moldy destroyed bathroom

Mold and Mildew

Often times bathrooms are already equipped to handle this through the bathroom fan. However, doing so requires conscious effort on the part of the user. Perhaps you can remember to turn on that bathroom fan, but can your kids, spouse, roommate, or guests? 
In addition, the fan needs to be left on for a period of time after your shower is over to continue to bring the humidity levels down. So you may remember to turn it on, but will you remember to turn it off 10 – 20 minutes after your shower?

Vent fires

Build up of lint and dust inside your bathroom exhaust fan and it’s duct can lead to fire.
This issue is further aggravated by overuse of the bathroom fan. Often times the fan gets turned on, and is left on for long periods of time before someone remembers to shut it off. AutoVent reduces run time to its shortest necessary amount to be effective and thus reduces overuse and dust and lint buildup.
However even with AutoVent you should still check and clean your fan regularly.

AutoVent Versus Competition

AutoVent versus competition - AutoVent wins


Smart microcontroller circuit board

The relative humidity of air leaving an air conditioner is high due to the lower temperature. Humidity sensing switches can detect this and other false events. If used to control an exhaust fan, they will then vent all that nice cool air outside. AutoVent is different. It monitors the changing temperature and humidity in a room to determine if the room needs to be vented. It can discern between rising humidity from a shower and cold humid air from an air conditioner or hot humid air from a home humidifier. 


AutoVent is available at a low cost. Humidity sensing exhaust fans exist, but cost $90+. And then you still have to install it!
Humidity sensing switches also exist and cost about the same as AutoVent, however most of the humid air in the bathroom stays closer to the ceiling making it hard for these to work accurately.  They require you to replace the switch to your bathroom fan, which if your not comfortable doing yourself, will cost you additional money. 

Installation of the AutoVent is simple

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 Unlike other humidity sensing options, AutoVent doesn’t require you to fiddle around with a set humidity level to turn on your fan. Instead, it monitors the changing humidity and temperature to determine if venting is necessary.  This helps avoid false venting and provides the convenience of a plug and play device.
It’s that easy, no app, no complicated settings just drop it in and go.

Will it work in my bathroom?

AutoVent has been thoroughly  tested across the nation in multiple environments to ensure its reliability and accuracy. 
The majority of bathroom exhaust fans installed in the US use the below plug for the fan. If your bathroom fan has this you are ready for AutoVent.

An exhaust fan showing the plug AutoVent uses

If your bathroom fan does not have this connection, please email us at support@autovent.futuratechnologies.net with a picture of the connection in your bathroom fan. When we have enough submissions for the same adapter and our campaign raises sufficient funds ($100,000) we will work with the factory to get you an adapter.


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